Cleaner is Safer

GFSN has the Solution to greatly reduce the number of injuries, disabilities, and deaths, resulting from Slip-and-Fall Accidents caused by unsafe, slippery, walking surfaces. Our feature product, Safe Solution®, dramatically increases the Coefficient-of-Friction of hard mineral surface flooring. This is not a surface coating. You cannot see, but you certainly can feel the difference.

Safe Solution®, combined with the daily use of Clean Step™, our multipurpose cleaner, degreaser, and sanitizer, can dramatically reduce your slip-fall injuries and liability claims.

To achieve our mission we have established our unique, proprietary Floor Safety Maintenance Program™

The Floor Safety Maintenance Program™ is a full service floor maintenance program utilizing Safe Solution® treatment, combined with the daily use of Clean Step™ multipurpose cleaner, degreaser, and sanitizer which provides our clients with all their floor safety and floor cleaning needs.

The FSMP™ cannot eliminate accidents and lawsuits but it can, and will, significantly reduce the liklihood of accidents and injuries and your liability for negligence.

What makes us #1 in the floor safety industry?

  1. We Provide Safe Solution® - for a Safer and Cleaner Floor.
  2. We Provide Clean Step™ - proven anti-bacterial formula safe for the environment. You won't need another cleaner!
  3. We Provide Important Information - including easy to follow, written, detailed instructions.
  4. We Provide additional Services and Follow up - including twice per annum Written Inspections to examine your cleaning equipment, and to make any necessary recommendations in order to maintain a cleaner and safer environment for your premises.

Contact Me for Information about Our Products & Business Opportunities

Don Dafoe, President Global Safe Technologies

If you are interested in our Products and Services or want to know more about our Global Floor Safety Network, please feel free to contact me directly through our Web Site Contact Page .

Thank you for considering the Global Floor Safety Network and Stay Safe.

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President & CEO - Global Safe Technologies


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